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Time has been flying and life has been busy these days.  It’s been a while since we’ve last been in touch with the community and so many changes have been happening. Summer flew by but involved a few melt downs from Hunter daily. I think the loss of routine over the summer didn’t help as well. At the time, I was a full time stay-at-home mom, and we just woke up whenever and did a lot of vegging around home in the back yard and pool or beach trips.

Staying home a lot of days lead to the longer trivial meltdown days but if we got out and about and hit up some beaches both the kids loved it. Hunter surprised me so much over the summer in that regard.  Usually he needs hands on him 100 per cent of the time in public surrounding that aren’t his own back yard but at the beaches, as long as we prepared and were able to keep ourselves a decent distance from other families then hunter would stay in our area and just run in and out of the ocean. But Hunter also has a pure joys for the water and seems memorized by it, especially when he has his whole area as a huge bath tub.

Thankfully though when we were out and about to these places and if he did have his moments, most people appeared very understanding and patient of Hunter when he  would zoom in their direction, and introduce himself in the lovely ways he knows how.  Like dumping their water bottles as he makes his presents known or just throwing himself into the beach blanket circles and suddenly being there . Most were curious and wanted to learn more about him though and would be watching him. I don’t mind.  I know this opens up individuals eyes so much more to what some special needs family’s  deal and contend with daily. Even if they still don’t understand  what  they’ve  seen and witnessed, and are ignorant, I still have hope that someday they’ll be more compassionate from possibly witnessing our family, to someone else’s child later.

Come the end of summer however I was so ready for school to restart. This was my first year of a summer break for...
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