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NOEL: Maitland-Matthew Hill and Josh Benedict have been friends since they were two-years-old. They have been through Cubs, Scouts, and now as Venturer’s have returned from a trip of lifetime at World Scout Jamboreee in Yamaguchi City, Kirara-hama site in Japan.

The two are a part of the 1st Maitland Scouts however they attended the Jamboree with 1st Riverlake Scouts out of Fall River as well as two scouts and a leader from Fredericton, NB. More than 30,000 youth from approximately 150 countries from across the globe gathered to celebrate a spirit of unity.

The boys left Halifax July 23rd for Toronto to meet with Scouter Andrea McMullin. The next step of the journey was a 14 and a half hour flight from Toronto to Hong Kong. The youth found the flight long and tiring but met with humour when talking about the food on the flight.

Benedict says. “I didn’t feel well on the plane.”

I asked, “Did they feed you?

Benedict answered, “That’s what made me not feel well. It was horrible.”

Hill says, “They fed us but it wasn’t very good food it was just these heated up, weird awful tasting, stuff.”

Benedict joined in with, “and you know if I won’t eat it it’s bad.”

In Hong Kong they were bused to the Lord Baden Powell Hotel, named for the founder of Scouting. They stayed for three nights before heading to the jamboree.

They had an opportunity to travel around the city and visited a few sites. Although the youth visited Edmonton a few years ago during the national scout jamboree, their experience with busy cities is quite limited. Hong Kong was a new experience, but one they embraced.

“Everything was built up because it...
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