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George launches first kids’ book

Posted on October 3, 2012

BELNAN: Turning the pages of Mindy Lee George’s book, Alphabet Zoo, the images within leap off of the page.
George, a resident of Belnan, has recently released Alphabet Zoo, her first children’s book. To celebrate the release, she along with illustrator Danielle Shreenan are hosting a book launch at the Elmsdale Library on Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
“This was my first children’s book,” said George. “It was fun, but I really had no intentions of getting it published, but a friend pushed me to do it.”
George and Shreenan met after their children went to the same babysitter, and from there the partnership to produce Alphabet Zoo was created. This is Shreenan’s third time illustrating a children’s book, although it was her first time using a different medium.
“I’ve done pictures in clay before,” she said. “It looks really cool. I thought that it would really fit the book, and the age group, because it is so bright.”
George said Shreenan’s vision was spot on.
“It was not what I had pictured at all-it exceeded my expectations,” she said. “I love them. I love the clay.
“The detail that Danielle put into this was mind boggling. Every blade of grass was an individual piece of clay, there’s so much detail.”
Shreenan said the process was long, but worth it in the end.
“First I would draw it out, and then start with the base and build up from there,” she said. “It was time consuming, me with a bucket of clay.”
George already has her second book-which almost acts as a sequel to Alphabet Zoo-in the works.
“The book really has a “Dr. Seuss” feel to it,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it; we’re really doing it as a set.”
George and Shreenan are excited to launch the book on Oct. 13. Copies are also available for purchase on George’s website,

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